Marco di Lucca and Elixir Erotas fucking

Danny Jordan and Luke Howard

Fresh SX says: Luke Howard and Danny Jordan get down to some hot action while buddy James is in the gym. Danny really gets into some deep rimming in Luke’s ass before some hot deep throat action.

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Josh Nett

Fresh SX says: While walking along one of the canals in Amsterdam James stops and looks through a window to see Josh Nett who is home and wanking.

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James Connor and Luke Howard

Fresh SX says: Ultra cute and fit Luke Howard gets his tight asshole rammed hard by a massive dildo followed by James Connor’s 9 1/2″ cock.


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Mark Summers and Russ Keogh

Fresh SX says: 18 year old straight lad Russ Keogh fucks Mark Summers but it doesn’t work out exactly to plan.

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Kai Cruz and Brett Carter

Fresh SX says: Kai Cruz picks up hot Brett Carter in the gym and they fuck in the changing room.

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Marco Di Lucca and Zak Adams

Mika Poika and Jamie Summers

Fresh SX says: Kai Cruz, Mika Poika and Jamie Summers have a hot and sexy threesome fuck.

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Andy O’Neill

Kai Cruz and Neil Stevens