Adam Champ and Chris Wilde at Colt Studios

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Colt Studios says: On the Set – This was Adam Champ’s very first scene with us and I remember how very hot the Sacramento weather was that day… Once Adam took off his clothes and started playing volleyball with COLT Man Chris Wide we all knew we had a superstar in Adam! Chris could barely hit the ball – he loves Latin men and once he found out that Adam was his partner, the scene didn’t even need a director!

I remember the only thing that I kept having them do, was stop and keep hitting the ball back over the net to get enough footage of this before the scene started… They kept at each other and wouldn’t stop. Watch now to see it all unfold before your very eyes! This movie recommendation comes from Legendary COLT Studio director John Rutherford. Get this video at Colt Studios!


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Gay Porn Star Guys
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  1. Lucky enough to have a guy some years back with a body and hairy midsection as finely chiseled as Adam Champ’s. I’ve seen Champ photos where his body is fully shaved – though they’re hard to track down. Either way, this guy gets me every time.

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