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Island Studs says: Hung Surfer Daddy Jason is a 34 year old real straight divorced Army Veteran with 2 kids who loves showing off his thick 9″ cock and creamy bright white Bubble Butt as he jerks with his favorite aqua body board, parades around the garden fully erect wearing a flower lei cock ring around his giant throbbing erect cock.

Jason’s big low hanging donkey balls bouncing, as he pees on the green grassy lawn, skims the swimming pool fully nude before skinny dipping, jerking, pulling on his big nuts and opens his ass underwater, spreads his sweet Virgin Ass wide open.

He sits outside in the sun for a long stroke and ball play session wearing a Floral Lei around his cock and balls that ends in a explosive cum shot before taking a sexy soapy “Hawaiian Shower” with the garden hose outside.

Check out this first ever video of hunk Daddy Jason following this sexy Surf Dad into the pool and underwater as he jerks his cock and manhandles his Big Balls underwater. PROUD of his FAT 9″ cock, Daddy Jason is not shy about getting naked and hard for the camera.

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23 year old surfer boy Island Studs Kamani jerks his huge muscle cock to a massive load of hot cum

Island Studs says: Big Beefy Hairy Hawaiian Surfer Kamani, is a super handsome and humble, tall, 6’1″, 185 lbs of muscle, 23 year old horny Native Hawaiian College Jock, with a big brown hairy ass, full bush of dark Hawaiian dick hair surrounding his big cock.

He poses and flexes his giant biceps both in his Aloha print board shorts and then fully naked and rock hard, strokes is thick cock with one hand while holding is his body board with the other, walks with a ladder and garden tools with his big cock slapping against his hairy thighs.

They’ve never been exposed to the sun until today, sweats as he trims banana leafs as his big ball sack dangles between his hairy ass, bends over repeatedly revealing a healthy bush of manly butt hair in his brown butt crack.

Kamani takes a long horse piss in the garden, spreads his hairy legs and thighs wide open as he jerks off in a chair in the garden, , flexes and poses with his thick boner throbbing, before busting an explosive load of Hawaiian milk into his open hand, smiles into the camera as his cum filled hand drips jizz while shooting us a Hawaiian “Shaka” greeting with is cum covered hand and this takes a hot sexy soapy shower.

Kamani was appropriately named after the Hawaiian Hardwood tree of the same name, that grows near the ocean. This beefy Waterman is built like a tree and is in the ocean everyday, surfing, paddling, spear fishing and diving. Kamani is a Hawaiian Jock fantasy boy filled with the Aloha Spirit of the Islands.

While this self proclaimed “Ambassador of Aloha” has modeled before but this is the very first time he has modeled fully nude and busting a big Hawaiian load on camera.

Check out his thick hairy soccer thighs and hairy muscle butt on this young Hawaiian! A true Hawaiian Hapa, Kamani is a perfect mix of Native Hawaiian, Portuguese, Japanese Chinese and English.

As he strips out of his sexy Aloha Print surf trunks, Kamani reveals his full bush of thick dark dick hair and his big thick Hawaiian cock.

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Ripped young blonde punk pees and jerks his huge cock to a massive load of hot boy cum

Island Studs says: Welder turned, Erotic Performer and Pole Dancer, Cash is a stylish blue collar guy with a tight ripped 8 pack abs, naturally smooth hairless body with an all over nudist tan, wild mohawk, a rock hard Belly Slapper cock, cute tight butt.

Cash loves to model and pose in his urban fashions: first wearing a Frat Boy Football Jersey and ripped jeans before posing in his sexy black totally revealing stripper clothes, including super tight black undies fully studded around the crotch framing his hard cock, before flopping out and stroking his throbbing cock still in his undies, moons the camera.

He flexes and poses fully hard both in and out of his undies, takes TWO long pisses on the wooden deck outdoors beside the forest, pumps up with a full nude gym workout, playfully hitting his throbbing cock with the barbell as he works out, tortures his BIG BALL sack repeatedly throughout this photo session before busting a big load in the sun.

Damian, the popular Big Black Body Builder, suggested we photography Cash for the site. Cash is straight up Blue Collar stripper who when I asked why his firends call him Cash, he replied without hesitation, “Because I am always looking to make Money.”

Sexy Cash is proud of tight ripped defined body and his stiff throbber which is rock HARD for most of the entire video. Cash loves cash and loves Jerking Off in Public for money. The more eyes make him HARDER he gets.

This brooding, athletic jock with a smooth tight dancer’s body and an amazing hairy BUBBLE BUTT loves getting naked for anyone who will pay to watch him jerk.

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Cute 21 year old College Jock Parker is every students fantasy Football Player as he jerks his 9 inch cock

Island Studs says: Super Hung 9 inch Parker is a humble College Football player from Florida State with the classic All-American Jock look: short blond hair and blue eyes, cute young happy face with a natural smooth ripped body.

His firm muscle thighs and a long 9 inch cock, big balls, and bushy blond pubs who flops his cock out of his sexy underwear, flexes, poses, and stretches fully nude and hard, workouts with weights with a throbbing boner.

Watch as he’s spreading his muscle butt wide open with his heavy nuts dangling as he performs chest presses, before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and balls for the first time on camera.

Cute College Jock Parker is every students fantasy Football Player: 21 years old, tall 5’11”, solid 185 lbs, with a happy bright eyes, a sincere friendly smile that lights up the field, and a long 9″ beautiful cock that curves like a snake as it hangs in the locker room showers on campus.

Imagine this All-American Stud muffin dripping wet the the college showers. Shy and very humble, Parker is a joy to spend time with. Listen to him tell the story of being attacked by a neighbors dog when he was just 10 and the family members honored in the colorful tattoos on his big biceps.

This video is an amazing behind the scenes afternoon I spent in the Oregon Forest with horny Parker, talking and giggling while stroking his beautiful, perfectly formed, 9″ snake cock. Listen to him giggle and thank me every time I compliment his good looks and his fine young body.

“Rains a lot here in Oregon…I miss the Florida beaches,” he states explaining to us that he transferred to Oregon in his Junior year on a Football scholarship.

All-American Jock Parker is one of our most humble yet horny first time models we have every photographed. Watch how easily his mouth watering 9″ inch long throbber springs to attention once he is nude!

Playfully, Parker turns to the camera and flops out his big beautiful 9 inch cock and balls still wearing his tight undies and strokes his monster cock to a full erection with a big smile.

The camera moves around his smooth body and his big full erection as he performs a whole workout routine with gym weights naked with a fully throbbing cock by the forest.

Check out just how determined his is to perform well for the camera even while he is nervous naked doing sit ups on a exercise ball outdoors.

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Super cute twink surfer Jeffrey with his fat beer can cock jerks off with surfer boy bubble butt Micha

Island Studs says: Super Cute Twink Surfer Jeffrey, with his fat Beer Can Cock which leaks pre-cum x3 times and his thick bush of untrimmed dick hair is BACK with his real Childhood Best Friend, sexy newcomer Surfer Boy Bubble Butt Micha, in Hot Duo Action – the newest episode of the popular Frisbee Team in Frisbee Nude #4.

Both studs flexing, posing and hugging both in and out of their beach shorts, before they both strip fully nude and get huge boners for a totally hot nude game of ultimate Frisbee, then relax side by side for a rock hard cock stroke session together in the jungle by the Hawaiian black sand beach, skinny-dip and play together in the warm ocean for first time on camera.

Friends since Elementary School these sexy real life Best Friends agreed to meet us in the bright morning Hawaiian sun for their very first ever sweaty duo of totally hardcore pounding Frisbee action and then jerking and playing with each other in the clear Pacific Ocean and stroking their hard cocks on the beach for all to see! Once again, another Hot Duo with two REAL STRAIGHT YOUNG HUNG LADS with two awesome thick cocks and ripped abs, tossing and catching the FRISBEE fully naked on a Tropical Hawaiian Beach.

In this outrageously sexy new video, we see these two beautiful High School friends, both with a full bushy dick hair surrounding their perfect throbbing cocks. Veteran model, Beer Can Cock Jeffrey teaches his best friend & newcomer, Micha how to stroke his mouth watering, rigid belly slapping cock at the beach! Micha, 21, 5’10, 140 lbs is a little bit nervous for this his first ever nude photo shoot AND the first time he sees his Best Friend “since birth” fully naked AND with a cum dripping throbbing hard cock.

Jeffrey, just one year younger, is the exact same height and weight as Micha: 5’11” & a tight 140 lbs. Beer Can Cock Jeffery became famous for the size of his cock in the High School Locker-room where he played Wide Receiver and Quarterback at Hawaiian High School.

Jeffrey’s first HOT DUO with Horse-Hung 9″ Cock Kurt has made him a pro with man to man outdoor Athletics and Cock Jerking.

We love your horny cock and skills Jeffrey.

Both boys are not shy about showing off their awesome smooth hairless bodies and stroking their BIG FAT cocks together for the first time! Watch as Micha Jumps HIGH and catches the disc with his hairy cock bouncing around in the breeze and his smooth bubble butt shining in the Hot Hawaiian Sun.

Jeffrey’s round hairless boy butt also glistens in the sun as he pounds Micha with with the flying disc! Listen as Micha & Jeffrey talk totally unscripted as they play Naked Frisbee together.

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Bearded Andre strips naked outdoors and jerks his fat uncut cock playing with his foreskin

Island Studs says: Bearded Andre is Back!

Our totally hairy, former military, straight bartender who works in a popular gay bar in Oregon with an impressive fat uncut cock, a sexy furry body and killer furry athletic butt he spreads wide open several times revealing his super hairy man hole, who flexes and poses fully erect, lifts weights fully nude with a rock hard cock.

Andre takes 2 long pisses, one in a bucket on the wooden deck beside the Oregon mountains and one off the balcony into the woods, shows off his fantastic foreskin as he plays with his ample skin as he strokes his thick uncut cock before moaning loudly and busting an explosive load of cum all over this hairy balls, belly and solid abs.

This video is even more hot then Andre’s duo with his sexy hairy friend Mark in their first video for Island Studs. If you missed the pounding HOT Duo Action of Mark & Andre playing and pissing riverside, Join now and see it all unedited action today.

Now, 25, 5’9″ & 170 lbs, horny Andres has the perfect thick uncut cock with hair EVERYWHERE on this body: Thick Beard, Hairy Chest, Legs, Armpits, Crotch and super furry tight ASS, both on his round ass cheeks and deep inside his man crack.

This totally hairy wolverine became fully hairy at young age of just 13, while in middle school! Friendly Andre was caption of his college Volleyball and Soccer team and his the round muscle butt to prove it! He also enjoyed his years in the Air Force and now loves his job at the local gay bar.

“I love getting hit on my man at the bar, Andre states with a smile, my girlfriend enjoys it too!” Andre arrives for this is first solo jerk off shoot for Island Studs, wearing his work clothes: crisp blue jeans, bight red tank top and making red sneakers.

Once he removes his jeans, he reveals he is wearing a matching pair of super tight red undies. Watch as he flops is beautiful uncut cock out of his underwear and begins stroking it.

His big furry balls are held tight my the elastic band of this underwear and his rock hair cock throbs in the bright summer sun as he jerks it! Listen as this friendly bartender confesses that he has been told MULTIPLE times that he has the perfect size uncut cock.

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Bearded sexy handsome Mike has a smooth ripped body, firm bubble butt and huge 8 inch foreskined uncut cock

Island Studs says: Hung Bearded Mike is a handsome, humble High School Math Teacher from Eugene, Oregon with a natural smooth ripped body, firm bubble butt, sporting a tattoo of him ‘getting poked” in the ass by a monkey and a thick 8 inch cock he spins like a helicopter, big balls, ginger blond beard hair and bushy ginger pubs who flops his cock out of his sexy underwear.

Mike flexes, poses, and stretches fully nude and hard, placing his smiling face upside down between his dangling balls and gaping open ass hole in a unique yoga position, workouts with weights with a throbbing boner, takes a bucket piss and later another power pee on the deck.

He opens his nearly hairless manhole 6 times, spreading his muscle butt wide open with his hands, sits in a chair by the forest jerking off manhandling his heavy nuts, before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and balls for the first time on camera.

Math Teacher Mike is every High School students fantasy mathematics teacher: 28 years old, just short of 5’8″, 150 lbs, with a happy bright eyes and a sincere friendly smile that lights up the classroom.

“I don’t know if I have a booty, but I always get complements on my Butt”, he says with a smile as he moons our camera wearing only his sexy tight blue undies! Inked on his right ass cheek is a tattoo of two cartoon monkeys: One with his finger up the ass of the second monkey, who with an extended arm is attempting to stick his finger up Mike’s hole! WTF!

“I like getting poked in the butt,’ this sexy High School Teacher states humbly and without embarrassment. This video is an amazing behind the scenes afternoon I spent in the sun with horny Mike, taking while stroking his beautiful, perfectly formed, 8” cock. Listen to him tell so many stories from his life in the Pacific Northwest.

How both girl and boy students flirt with him in class, why he loves thin Asian women who bend him over and fuck his creamy white man hole with dildos, growing up in Eugene with two sisters and always seeking a secret place to jerk off as a lad! “I am naked at home with my girlfriend all the time, even when she is fully clothed,” he states with easy.

Mathematician Mike is one of our most comfortable first time models and it shows with how easily his mouth watering 8 inch thick throbber springs to attention once he is nude!

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Young sexy Island Studs Jeffrey jerks his big thick dick to a massive cumshot

Island Studs says: Surfer Jeffrey, is a super cute 19 year old horny young twink, fresh outta high school, with a thick bush of untrimmed dick hair who enjoys walking around the property fully hard with with a Hawaiian Flower Lei around his fat boner.

He spreads his sweet smooth surfer butt wide open while floating naked on a raft in the pool, takes a long piss in the garden while holding his board, flexes and poses with his boogie board.

He skinny dips underwater and shows in pink hole a second time, before busting a big creamy load of boy juice on the lawn between his bare-feet while wearing a Hawaiian Lei around throbbing cum covered cock.

The underwater sports action cam follows this sexy surf twink Jeffrey UNDERWATER as he plays, swims like a fish, holds his breath and then grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them wide open again, this time under water, revealing his bright pink hole for a second time.

This video is full of intimate footage of soft spoken Jeffrey’s sweet laid back Hawaiian surfer boy personality and sexy smooth body! Check out his big friendly smile, bright blue eyes, totally hairless young athletic body and smooth white ass cheeks.

This Colorado Springs native moved to Hawaii with his mom and dad when he was just 4 years old! Listen to him recount, with excitement, his first impresses of the Hawaiian Islands when he was just a small guy.

Horny Jeffrey confesses to being a little nervous about jerking off, for this, his first ever ‘professional’ photo shoot. But he is loves being in front of the camera.

He proudly exclaims he has been sending girls his cock shots since middle school! Watch as Jeffrey strips out of his surf shorts and starts to stroke his furry boy dick with one hand and his very own surfboard in his other hand.

It is so hot to watch a REAL HAWAIIAN SURFER boy stroke his cock with his surfboard by his side! Jeffrey is all smiles as he clearly enjoys showing his cock and athletic body for the camera.

This hot smooth twink is a real exhibitionist. “Can I pee”, polite Jeffrey asks, still holding his board. With permission, Jeffrey takes a power piss on the lawn holding his cock with one hand and keeping the surfboard in his other. He has clearly done his at beaches before.

Bright yellow pee blasts out of his cock as he smiles and me and the camera. After the pee stops dripping from his cock, I toss sweet Jeffrey two Hawaiian Floral Leis: one for this neck and one to wrap around his throbbing red hot cock.

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Hairy bear Brawn is a super sexy 27 year old mango farmer who strips and jerks his big uncut dick

Island Studs says: Hairy Bear Brawn, is a super sexy, 27 year old, mango farmer in Hawaii with a totally hairy body and back with thick lumberjack thighs and a big wide furry butt. He instructs us in the use of his massive machete as he takes down guava trees fully naked, walks around the garden with his uncut hairy cock fully erect, sweats, takes a shower outside, before stilling in a chair in the garden and slow strokes his uncut throbber and releases a huge load.

Bears will LOVE his hairy chest, back legs, feet and big belly. Standing 5’11 and weighing an impressive 220 lbs, Big Brawn is simply massive. Check out his awesome furry chest, big thick thighs and his wide hairy man butt as he strips in the beautiful Hawaiian jungle and starts to stroke his thick uncut super furry uncut cock.

Friendly and easy to talk with, this big bear tells us so many personal stories about his life before he moved to Hawaii. Listen to him talk about lusting after Italian girls with chestnut hair, losing his virginity in High School at 18, in his home state of Idaho.

It was then that he learned he had a super fat beer can cock. He was a totally furry bear cub at the age of 16, showering in the locker room this is football team. He got the name Brawn from his high school teammates after rejecting the other nicknames his was called: Sasquatch and LumberJack.

Image big naked Brawn as the biggest guy in the shower room exposing that hairy ass. His stories are All unrehearsed and unedited and online now. This big horny farmer with the perfect uncut cock has hair EVERYWHERE: Hairy Chest, Legs, Armpits, Crotch and super furry big ass, both outside and deep inside his man crack.

Feast your eyes on every inch of Hairy Brawn’s totally hairy naked body and thick cock as he gets to work taking down tall guava trees with his fat boner flopping around in the sun. Watch this gentle giant sweat in the sun as he works. His entire furry body glistens with sweat and he works like a machine.

You will feel that you are right there with him during his intimate photo shoot. His bright smile and friendly personality shine in every scene of this sexy video. His thick cock is ROCK HARD as he walks around the tropical jungle slicing tree branches with his massive machete.

Hairy Brawn turns to the camera to take a pee. Watch as yellow piss squirts out of this fantastic foreskin and onto the grass between his boots. Look at his face as he releases his golden shower. Totally covered in his own dirty sweat, Brawn walks into the sexy outdoor shower to take his first of two soapy playful showers.

He bends over in the shower to scrub is big hairy feet revealing his wide white furry ass crack. Super Horny and totally clean, Big Brawn sits in a chair in the tropical Hawaiian garden to jerk off.

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Tall hung 9 inch cock high school wrestler Ian is back wanking his huge dick

Island Studs says: Tall hung 9 inch cock high school wrestler Ian is back, showing off his perfectly formed Rock Hard belly slapper and white marble bubble butt as walks around the deck in the Oregon forest.

First he’s mooning the camera in his blue jean, then flopping his massive throbber out of his tight underwear and performs The Helicopter with a full boner, pees off the balcony, flexes and poses his awesome ripped naturally smooth body, works out with weights with a boner.

Ian spreads his smooth ass cheeks WIDE OPEN exposing his pink hairless man hole, before shooting a massive load of boy juice all over his smooth abs. At the very start of the shoot, Ian announces that he has to pee.

Watch as he lowers his blue jeans, flops his soft cock out of this thigh undies and pisses off the deck. He blasts bright yellow pees between the banister and into the forest below his feet! What a hot piss.

Feast your eyes on every inch of straight Ian’s totally smooth young athletic body and throbbing hard cock shot from every possible angle as he proudly struts around outdoors fully nude in the sun showing off his full bush of dick hair.

This tall horny lad, 19, 6’2″ 175 lbs is even more defined and masculine, shot last year when he was just 18. This former high school wrestler, loves rock climbing in the Pacific Northwest and has the rock hard marble ass and biceps to prove it.

I originally met young 18 year old, Ian fully naked skinny dipping with his impressive 9 inch dong dangling in the chilly River last year and asked him to do a video which is also online now for our members.

It is rare to met such an educated, well mannered jock who is so comfortable naked and fun to be around. This tall sexy jock can not keep his hands off his long 9 inch dong.

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