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Bentley Race says: And next up is my recent shoot in the bathroom with the very beautiful Sam Sivahn. I discovered this Indonesian hottie last summer when he came along with his mate to watch a shoot. read more

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Bentley Race says: I just got back from my vacation in Europe where I got to meet loads of cute and sexy men. One of the guys that really made my visit there fun is 19 year old Russian Kell Fuller. Our travel schedules through Berlin was very tight, so we ended up doing this shoot at night in my apartment.
I wasn’t sure what Kell was going to be like. But it turned that he’s a really sweet guy, and a lot of fun to make a nude shoot with. I took loads of photos of my new mate posing in his red undies and red high tops, before he stripped completely naked.
Kell is super fit from being a dancer, and can push himself in to all sorts of positions. I was really attracted to his big legs and perfect bum, so I got a lot more photos than I really needed of him bent over showing off that bottom. We quickly got the photos out of the way so I could film Kell jacking off on the bed.
He also really gets in to fucking the fleshlight like crazy and even goes hands free on the bed. I was really impressed, especially since it’s his first time making porn. Kell is already one of my favourite new mates for this year. read more

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Bentley Race says: Even though we live at different sides of the planet, Jeffry Branson from Hungary has become a good mate and a regular model here at Bentley Race. I caught up with him again on my mid-winter vacation in Budapest.
I first spotted Jeffry in a porn scene for one of the big American studios. I was really excited when he agreed to come and model for me. Jeffry is very beautiful and a really sweet guy. He is straight in his personal life, but you will see that he has done gay sex scenes in the past.
He is very open minded and friendly. We had a lot of fun hanging out in Budapest and making videos with him and some of his mates. Today Jeffry is showing off that big boner again. I told him he looks like a lumber jacket with the beard and checked flannel shirt.
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Bentley Race says: I have shot some really hot scenes over this Australian summer, and I didn’t even have to think about hooking up my mates Romain Deville and Luc Dean. I knew for a long time that I wanted to get these guys together. So as soon as Romain returned from Sydney I got the guys together on this hot day out on my roof.
The guys were all over each other as we climbed the stairs to the top of my building. I managed to get loads of photos as the guys made out and stripped each other naked on the roof. It was getting pretty dam hot out there as the guys poured water over each others naked bodies.
I suggested we head back to the cool studio where we could film the rest of their first nude meeting. Romain is a pretty rough fucker so I’m not sure Luc knew what was about to happen. The fucking in this scene is fierce from our hung daddy Romain.
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Bentley Race says: Now that summer has arrived in Australia we are busy meeting lots of new guys. Last week I met with the very cute Alex Sanchez. read more

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Bentley Race says: I am meeting a lot of new guys at the moment while I am travelling around the world. Recently my mate Justin brought along one his mate’s to his shoot in Berlin. read more

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Bentley Race says: I finally got to meet up with Polish porn star Oscar Wood during my recent visit to Berlin. I had been talking to this guy for a long time after one of our mutual mates suggested we get together. I had already seen some of Oscar’s hot sex videos and couldn’t wait to get him in front of the camera.
As well as being very polite and handsome, Oscar has got a very big fat dick. Which of cause brings him to the front of the line of guys waiting to get on Bentley Race. Back up in my studio I immediately got to work with my new mate.
Oscar started stripping on the couch while I took loads of photos. I also noticed that he has very nice blond hairy legs which extends right up and over his bum cheeks. He found it funny that I was spending so much time photographing his bum, when he massive erection was demanding attention on the other side.
I also got to play with Oscar a little during his video. I couldn’t wait to play with that big dick. I suspect Oscar will be making regular appearances on Bentley Race when I visit Europe again.
He’s a really nice and friendly guy, and very hot in bed. read more

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Bentley Race says: I was really happy to see my mate Justin Evans during my recent visit to Germany. Just had a long break away from modelling last year after a very serious accident. I’m really happy to see him recovered and getting fit again.
We hung out together for a few days in Berlin doing lots of shopping, eating and shooting. Here is Justin showing off back at my hotel room. Even though it was a fairly dark day in the city, the photos and his jack off video came out really nice. I like shooting with Justin a lot.
He did his first shoot when we met in Berlin in 2013 when he was just 19 years old. Now the Polish twink lives in Germany and loves showing off on camera. He’s got a big following for the sexy selfie shots he takes.
I will post more of the other shoots we did in the coming weeks. read more

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Bentley Race says: I know a lot of the James Nowak fans are drawn by his hot looks, but it’s important to know that the 27 year old Aussie is also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He’s actually a bit on the shy side and never really knows what to do or where to look when I am shooting with him. read more