Sexy young ripped blond muscle dude Sean Cody Nathaniel jerks out a huge cum shot

Sean Cody says: Nathaniel pretty much likes to do anything outdoors; hiking, surfing, you name it. As a result from the active lifestyle, he’s pretty satisfied with his body, “I love my body, you know, I’m very comfortable with myself, and I really love my abs…and something else!”
He reached down to his dick and rubbed it clearly he couldn’t wait to get started. In the car on our way to the house, he whipped out his dick and started to jerk off right there. “We need to get back to the house now, fast. read more

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Eddie jerks his big cock and fingers his tight straight ass hole

Spunk Worthy says: Eddie moved to San Diego recently for college. And, while he was out here, decided to take the dive into doing porn.

Apparently, this decision didn’t come as much of surprise to the friend he told about it. Eddie is a bit of an exhibitionist, sometimes jerking off in public places just to put on a free show for onlookers. Stroking one out on camera seemed like a natural leap, and something he’d thought about for a while.

Eddie also has a “fluid” sexuality and, as you’ll see in the behind-the-scenes video coming out next week, thinks the idea of servicing another guy would be hot. “Or getting serviced,” he added. read more

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Hot Sean Cody muscle hunks Brandon and Cassian bareback ass fucking

Cassian was weak in the knees after Brandon’s hard muscle asshole pounding!…… read more

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Tanner fucks new bottom boy Brandon’s tight asshole

Sean Cody says: “Why are we here Brandon?” I asked. Brandon usually looks confident and ready to go in his films but today was a little different. “To do bottoming things.” He replied.

“What does that mean?” Brandon was doing his best not to say it out loud. “Putting a penis in my butt! I am little nervous.” You should take a second and reread that. Yup Brandon, after over five long years, is finally bottoming.

Tanner comes back to do the deed. “But haven’t you two already been paired together.” Brandon speaks up. “I requested him. I liked our film together and thought the only person I trusted was Tanner”. read more

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Sean Cody Daniel and Philip hardcore ass fucking bareback

Sean Cody says: Daniel and Philip were very touchy-feely from the get-go, and very eager to get this thing started.
When we asked Philip if he did any research on Daniel, he revealed that he jerked off to his videos. This undoubtedly made Daniel even hornier than he already was to fuck this newbie.
“I think that I’m gonna get fucked very well today.”
Daniel replied, “Of course I’m gonna fuck you well, man!”
Philip continued, “Well, I didn’t come all the way down here to get mediocrely fucked”
That comment prompted Daniel give Philip the pounding of his life and man, did he ever. read more

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Jakob and Kit hardcore big raw dick bareback ass fucking

Clearly Kit wanted a big bare cock so badly and Jakob gave it to him deep and hard!…… read more

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Sean Cody Frankie and Sean bareback bubble butt ask fucking

Sean Cody says: Knowing about each other’s popularity on Sean Cody had both Frankie and Sean excited to explore one another. They meshed really well, seeing as they brought each other’s wild sides out for a spin.

See Sean Cody Frankie and Sean bareback bubble butt ask fucking here!  

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Sexy Latino muscle boy Rey jerks his big uncut dick to a massive cum explosion

Gorgeous latin young man Rey blows a full cum load across himself!….. read more

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Sean Cody’s Atticus and Joey outdoor bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Atticus was super excited when we told him he was going to be working with Joey. He was under the assumption that he was going to be topping Joey’s huge muscle ass since Joey has always been a bottom. “It’s a nice surprise.

I thought I was going to top but now that I know he’s going to fuck me…I cant wait!” Atticus even did his homework. “Before I flew out here I watched every Joey film.

I even jerked off to a few!” Joey was a bit nervous since this was his first time topping. “I have become such a power bottom, it’s going to be a whole new ball game!” read more

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Abe returns to fuck sexy muscle boy Rusty’s tight bubble butt

Sean Cody says: Abe has always been a force to reckon with ever since he started with us over three years ago. It took us some convincing but we were finally able to get Abe back in the game.

I asked him what type of model we should pair him with and his only request was, “someone I can fuck through the walls!” I figured Rusty would be the perfect fit.

Both models are jacked and love to fuck. Just once look at Abe and you can see that he’s been working out quite a bit. He’s doubled in size. It also seems that taking a little break really got him all horny and ready to fuck. These two go at it for a few hours and Abe really takes control and essentially directs his own film. read more

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