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Though like all the straight lads get them comfortable and who knows what can happen and today John lets Sam Hansworth push his boundaries and lets him suck his cock.

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He’s a very attractive guy, flirty, handsome and well built, this straight lad is pretty damn sexy.

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English Lads says: Mason Mount is a young man who has grown up playing football and so has great legs, muscular and very hairy and one of those nice bubble butts which he isn’t afraid of showing off in ultra close detail you get to see his hairy hole.

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English Lads says: William Richards is a handsome straight lad, good looking with blond hair, he is tall, lean but muscular. He’s a yoga teacher, and that immediately makes you want to see how flexible he really is.

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Belami says: Rounding out our week of Freshmen on BelAmi we have this scene with Enrique Vera and Matt Thurman filmed for us by Lukas Ridgeston in our Bratislava studio.

You all know Enrique already but this is Matt’s first outing on BelAmi we have this scene with BelAmiOnline. Matt is a bit of a fitness fanatic as you will gather from the introduction to today’s scene, but all the effort certainly seems worth it as his body finds a nice balance between being very fit but not overly muscled. read more

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