Adrian Rivers, Jessie Kale, Dakota Wolfe and Tyson Stone

Next Door Twink says: Adrian Rivers, Jessie Kale, Dakota Wolfe, and Tyson Stone make up the ‘Next Door Nookie Club,’ and each member has an integral role.
Even though they haven’t cum together for a good time in a while, not one of the boys doesn’t think often of the raucous sexual adventures the foursome would have together.
When Jessie suggested they get ahold of Adrian Rivers to get the Nookie Club back together for the day, it was the beginning of a brand new adventure.
They all met up at Jessie’s, where he and Dakota had already started kissing and rubbing each other. read more

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Happy ending massage straight guys Ryan Ledson and Riley French jerk each others' huge uncut cock

English Lads says: Young teen Ryan Ledson introduces one of his friends, Riley French, another slim and smooth bodied young lad, who just can’t wait to strip his clothes off and explore his sexuality. Riley can’t sit still at the beginning of the shoot and soon after a relaxing massage both their uncut cocks come out.
When it’s Riley’s turn to massage Ryan, he almost ignores his mate’s sexy footballers bod and goes straight for his curvaceous cock and gives him a good sucking. Later in the shoot, Ryan is wanking his curved cock and takes dominance with a belt bending his mate over for some backside spanking.
The two lads play around a bit, showing their supple and clean holes and wanking themselves vigorously. Finally with some teasing, Ryan is persuaded to return the favour and suck his mate’s sturdy cock.
Special mentions goes to Ryan for his enormous pulsating cum load. Well done lads. read more

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Tomas Farago lies back and shoots an impressive load over his abs and chest

English Lads says: Tomas Farago is a young man from Hungary and the four first letters of his home country are quite significant. He has an athletic body from loads of football from when he was in his teens and the last few years he is more inclined to work out at the gym.

A few of his clothes come off and you can see his hairy body and what great muscles with fine definition. He loves to tease and flirt with the camera and once he drops his boxers he becomes even more flirty.

Tomas has one huge uncut cock, he is over 8 inches long and nearly 7 inches round. This is one thick piece of Hungarian meat and Tomas loves wanking it on camera. read more

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Casey Lee slides his huge uncut dick in Chris Little’s ass and fucks him hard

English Lads says: Casey Lee and Chris Little are a great combination, Casey is looking so hot today, his ultra-ripped body is muscular and tense and cheeky Chris plays around with him, and soon gets him to undress, tasting his body and in no time is diving into Casey’s underwear, sucking him to get him hard before getting their hard cocks rubbing together.

It’s a quick learning curve for Casey, but both lads are enjoying it, cocks rock solid. Chris bends over and Casey gets one of the dildos out and lubes it up, sliding it deep into Chris. read more

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Belami Rhys Jagger and Harris Hilton spray their huge cum loads all over each other’s ripped muscle boy bodies

Belami says: Some of our boys work in our offices but all of them always jump at the chance to return to the set and try out any sexy guy, and Rhys Jagger here has his eye on Harris Hilton’s sweet tight hole.

The erotic intensity between this Czech/Slovakian couple does not go unnoticed as well as evidenced by their huge loads.

See Belami Rhys Jagger and Harris Hilton spray their huge cum loads all over each other’s ripped muscle boy bodies here! read more

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Sneak Peek Jack Windsor and Max Henderson mutual wanking and big uncut dick sucking

English Lads says: Max Henderson came on quite a journey in this, only his second shoot. Today he has Jack Windsor to deal with and his boundaries certainly get tested as Jack is soon looking into Max’s boxers and making jokes. Boxers off Jack is down blowing Max and after getting Max very aroused he challenges him to play with his cock.

Before you know it Max is wanking off Jack and its not long before he has Jack in his mouth! Max comes on a great journey, letting Jack wank and suck him and then returning the favor. Don’t you love it when straight men just have fun, knowing they are straight, but happy on camera to take us on a journey. read more

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Belami Online Antony Lorca and Yuri Alpatow bareback ass fucking

Belami says: Today we have our dark haired adonis, Antony Lorca, together with our blond Hungarian, Yuri Alpatow in our latest night scene. Our night scenes may be the most intimate and romantic series here on Belami Online and today’s scene definitely follows that form with slow and sensual lovemaking at it’s best.

See Belami Online Antony Lorca and Yuri Alpatow bareback ass fucking here! read more

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Adam Archuleta, Scott Reeves and Ennio Guardi

Belami says: Adam Archuleta and Scott Reeves are more than just friends, they are also roommates. One day they are lounging around the house together taking a bath, a normal occurrence, when they all the sudden have a visitor. Everyone is shocked when our handsome Ennio Guardi arrives to find both hosts still enjoying the hot bath instead of picking him up at the train stop. The boys have a brilliant idea and decide to make up for forgetting him by taking his clothes off and playing with him too. A ridiculously hot scene is born where Adam and Scott take turns
pounding away at Ennio. read more

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Aaron Janes’ huge uncut cock is sucked off by Cameron Donald

English Lads says: Aaron Janes was a little unsure letting a lad touch his cock, but today he is a lot more relaxed about being wanked off and letting a lad suck his cock for the first time, just watch what happens.

He is clearly getting enormous pleasure from a blow job and Cameron Donald does a great job at keeping Aaron in some heights of pleasure. After so much fun Cameron helps Aaron show off his slightly hairy hole and it gets some great exposure.

Cameron sucks some more on Aaron, who just pulls faces of pleasure and its not long before he is wanked off to an amazing cum shot, Aaron shooting it all over his chest, neck and arms. Wow that was quite an explosion, not a bad effort for his 1 man blow job. read more

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Straight soccer dudes Luca James and Bailey Gibson wank each others big uncut cocks

English Lads says: Best friends Luca James and Bailey Gibson did a shoot for our sister website and those were solo shoots, today they came together and accepted the challenge to push their boundaries.

Both play football and go to the gym and have lean and toned bodies which they enjoy showing off and the lads strip each other down completely naked. They have a play with their own uncut cocks and before you know it they are wanking each other.

Wow, now straight mates shouldn’t be doing this and they know it, some tension, but they do an amazing job at tossing off each other. They show their holes and lie back and shoot their cum, Bailey first shoots big followed by Luca. Thank you boys, will you go any further. read more

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