Tyler Hirst coaches new lad James Welbeck in the art of man on man wanking

English Lads says: This is a shoot we on a warm sunny day when both Tyler Hirst and new lad James Welbeck were both very relaxed, enjoying the warmth of the sun and as they strip off you can tell the lads are feeling horny as they soon both have the others cock in their hand.

Now that is a first for James who came along today to have his cock sucked and feeling relaxed he wanked Tyler’s cock with just the gentlest of suggestions.

Tyler is true to form, his cock goes from soft to hard in seconds and once hard stays hard and James as soon as he gets his first man blow job he stays rock hard. Two uncut cocks are stiff throughout so perfect for a cock fight. read more

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Naughty Chris Little is always so horny and Josh Hathaway loves a right good fucking

English Lads says: Over a year ago we planned to get these two together and its taken a long while, seemed like a natural partnership since naughty Chris Little is always so horny and Josh Hathaway loves a right good fucking.

So here we have it, a bit of teasing and the lads are soon sucking off each other, two nice hard uncut cocks and Chris is soon sliding his very hard erection up Josh’s ass.

Josh takes a deep breath and is soon enjoying every inch of Chris. Chris is usually the one getting fucked and today shows how good he is at exercising a lads hole. read more

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Straight dude Ralph Clifford couldn’t lets another guy touch his dick then he met Jack Windsor and that all changed

English Lads says: Ralph Clifford is a young straight man who kept telling me he couldn’t let another lad touch his cock, so luckily today we came up with a plan. Jack Windsor gave him a massage, it turned out Ralph is a little ticklish and so distracting him by tickling stopped him worrying about the impending helping hand.

In the end he was quite relaxed and Ralph got nice and hard. When Jack teased him about a blow job, Ralph wasn’t sure what to say and before he knew it he had agreed to not only his first manhandling but also his first man blow job. read more

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Brad Askew jerks his big uncut cock as he pulls his bum cheeks apart and show us his hairy hole

English Lads says: Brad Askew is a tall and lean lad, very slim he does a lot of sport and his is very relaxed about showing off his body, he’s very easy to shoot.

His chest is completely smooth, and his uncut cock quickly grows hard when he starts playing with it, with his bushy pubes and big balls bouncing around as his wanks.

He’s really happy to pull his bum cheeks apart and show us his hairy hole, a little squirt or baby oil and some more wanking and his balls tighten to release a thick big load over his taut abs. read more

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Sneak Peek handsome young straight lad Hunter Hay jerks his big uncut dick

English Lads says: That fantasy moment when an electrician comes to your house and he turns out to be a handsome young straight lad. Hunter Hay could definitely fulfill a few fantasies. He’s a really good looking young man, lean, tanned, with just a few tattoos.

Hunter has a fresh face, mostly smooth body, and cheeky grin. His tool belt is hiding all his tools. And it only draws attention to his groin as he wears it just over his boxer shorts for us, and grabs his package temptingly.

He’s got a large uncut cock which he gets out to show us, and wanks it hard, and also leans over and shows off his bum. His lightly hairy balls go rock tights before he shoots a thick load over himself, covering his abs and his hand. read more

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Sam Hansworth and Jack Windsor

English Lads says: Jack Windsor does his usual great job and Sam Hansworth gets so carried away he is soon wanking his first man and looking to really enjoy it.

See Sam Hansworth and Jack Windsor fully exposed here!  

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Big dick twinks Kevin Warhol and Justin Saradon hardcore raw anal bareback ass fucking

Belami says: The combination of Kevin Warhol and Justin Saradon is so obvious that we have been putting them in the update schedule for more than a year now, only to find out that we had never actually filmed them together.

Rather than disappoint you (and ourselves) we made the decision to adjust our filming schedule so that we could film this scene before they both got too old, Luke was tasked with getting it all together and he filmed this scene last month in our Prague studio.

The results are so good that I think we will have to ask Luke to film all his scenes last minute. read more

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Straight young hunk Jack Ashton big uncut cock gets a happy ending massage his first from a man

English Lads says: Jack Ashton has taken a long time to come round to doing this shoot, largely because his mates all know he does this and he didn’t want the extra abuse from them.

So thank you Jack for letting us record on camera what you don’t do in your private life and that’s let a guy touch your cock. The girls are definitely very lucky to get Jack’s big uncut cock in their holes, we can only dream.

For nearly all the shoot Jack doesn’t do much, lies back and lets his cock be taken care off before he takes over and shoots a nice big load. read more

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Mickelo Evans and Dustin Dewind

Men of Montreal says: What better way to do that than providing a massage table and Mickelo Evans’s talented hands to get Dustin Dewind in the mood.
He was so good at maneuvering his tongue and lips onto and around Dustin’s cock that early on in the shoot, Dustin had trouble holding back and he abruptly interrupted Mickelo’s masterful effort.

See Mickelo Evans and Dustin Dewind fucking here! read more

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Sneak Peek straight hunk Ronaldo Cerrio fucks Justin Harris

English Lads says: Ronaldo Cerrio is a lad who pushed his boundaries really quickly in only his third shoot this tall, tanned straight footballer is passionately kissing Justin Harris and was keen to fuck him hard in this shoot too.
The lads strip off and Justin goes down on Ronaldo lean Ronaldo has a long uncut cock and it gets solid in Justin’s mouth, Ronaldo pushing Justin’s head down on to it.
Justin bends over and Ronaldo pushes into him – and starts fucking him deep and hard. They move on to the bed and Justin continues to take it, Ronaldo enjoying the feeling of being inside another guy.
Justin blows his load while Ronaldo is still fucking him, and Ronaldo pulls out and shoots his hot load all over Justin. This straight lad took to it well. read more

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