Milk bath in the kitchen with my mate Astroboi

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Bentley Race says: It’s always a crazy shoot whenever I get together with my Spanish mate with the unusual name. We got to hang out a few times during our visit to his hometown to Barcelona.

I met Astroboi Selaby there a few years ago when I had rented a big old apartment and he came round to show off his big cock while hanging from the ceiling.

Some of you might remember that Astro has got quite a large rocket shaped cock. I love his big bush of thick pubic hair around the rocket. In this scene I talked him in to jumping out on the balcony to grab some cock shots while the inner city traffic of Barcelona whizzed by below.

I know that he is always up for trying out new things. And getting his dick out outside wasn’t going to be a problem. Later on we headed back in to the kitchen where Astroboi made a real mess by drenching himself (and myself) with a couple of bottles of milk.

Afterwards I got to lick it off his cock, and then he proceeded to fuck my mouth until he was ready to cum. You gotta check out some of these hot scenes I have made with my handsome mate. Get this video at Bentley Race!

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