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Island Studs says: Big Bearded Hawaiian Surfer Kimo, is a super handsome, tall, 6’2″, thick 205 lbs, 26 year old horny Hawaiian Native Bro, with his ass crack always popping out of his saggy board shorts at the beach.

He poses naked with his favorite surfboard, reveals his big chucky smooth Hawaiian ass never exposed to the sun until today, who enjoys walking around the property fully hard with with a Hawaiian Flower Lei around his rock hard belly slapping boner.

Kimo spreads his sweet smooth virgin surfer butt WIDE OPEN while skinny dipping underwater in the pool revealing his pink hole, takes a long piss in the garden, flexes and poses with his surfboard, paddles around the water on his board with his naked body in the sun. read more

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Tall hung 9 inch cock high school wrestler Ian is back wanking his huge dick

Island Studs says: Tall hung 9 inch cock high school wrestler Ian is back, showing off his perfectly formed Rock Hard belly slapper and white marble bubble butt as walks around the deck in the Oregon forest.

First he’s mooning the camera in his blue jean, then flopping his massive throbber out of his tight underwear and performs The Helicopter with a full boner, pees off the balcony, flexes and poses his awesome ripped naturally smooth body, works out with weights with a boner.

Ian spreads his smooth ass cheeks WIDE OPEN exposing his pink hairless man hole, before shooting a massive load of boy juice all over his smooth abs. At the very start of the shoot, Ian announces that he has to pee. read more

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Horny straight Italian stud Dirty Frankie jerks his huge wang for the cameras

Island Studs says: Dirty Frankie, the foul mouth horny Italian stallion is back, jerking off while playing his ukulele and spreading open his hairy man hole.

Originally from Southern California, Frankie loves living in Hawaii. Like Tony, our other Italian American, Frankie loves the island women, the island sun and the island surf, and he even has taken up playing the ukulele.

I turn on the cameras as Frankie begins to sing a song he wrote about his long dong. He sings this original dirty ditty about his cock twice, once clothed and once fully naked wearing only a neck tie. read more

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Straight red head Borden busts a big cum load jerking his huge cock

Island Studs says: Borden is a friendly straight redhead southern Georgia boy with a furry white ass he spreads wide open while floating naked on a pool raft, before busting a big load of jizz on camera for the first time.

Check out Borden’s pink furry man hole as he also spreads his big ass cheeks wide open underwater, all caught on video here with Island Studs’ awesome underwater sports action cam. Feast your eyes on every inch of horny Borden’s smooth naked body and bright red hair from underwater as he skinny dips and jerks his thick cock underwater. read more

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Hunky Hank jerks his big cock and shows off his muscled rock hard ass

Island Studs says: Hunky Hank, the hairy chested hung muscle stud with a winning smile and hard trained body that makes both men and women melt is back jerking off his big dick and shooting loads of cum all over himself.

In Hunky Hank part 2, the athletic tree trimmer and his muscled rock hard ass hanging out in Hawaii. Horny naked stud Hank had no problem keeping his large penis hard in various locations at the Beach House.

There is something very special about a happy naked guy with both a great set of pecs and a great package. The video of Hank this week is a fun behind the scenes look at the afternoon I spent with this delightful muscle stud. read more

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Horse hung swimmer Raine jerks his huge 10 inch dick

Island Studs says: Watch as we spy on 10 inch horse hung swimmer Raine as he strips fully naked on a remote public beach in Hawaii and jumps into the crashing waves skinny dipping.

The sports action camera goes underwater with Raine as he swims naked like a sexy dolphin in the open ocean. I invite Raine back to the compound where he immediately strips out of his clothes to take a hot soapy shower in the bright morning sun.

Don’t miss swimmer Raine and his amazing 10 inch dick as he swims and jerks on a beautiful Hawaiian beach. read more

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Island Studs says: Dino has a sexy smile as he strokes his 9 inch monster dick. This 27 year old tattooed skinhead surfer and muscle jock is popular everywhere he goes. If you hire Dino to work around your house, he will gladly take off his shirt and expose his ripped muscles and tattoos. Since our first shoot, surfer Dino has buzzed his head and grown a sexy chinstrap beard which bear lover’s will appreciate.

See Dino fully exposed here! read more

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Ginger Abe strips naked and wanks his thick juicy fat cock

Island Studs says: Ginger Abe, a tall ripped, friendly, graduate student with a thick juicy fat cock with a big mushroom head surrounded by a strawberry blond cock and belly hair, a big ball sack, moons the camera, pump up the weights with a full erection.
Abe bends over to clean the banister of the deck revealing his hairy ginger hole wearing only pink gloves, spreads his ass checks wide open, and milks his beautiful cock for the first time on camera.
Ass Lover will appreciate when horny Abe removes his work gloves and grabs his ass cheeks spreading them wide open as he bends over to expose his yummy Virgin straight boy hole. read more

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Sexy Puerto Rican Jeno 9 inch uncut cock latin uncut biker shoots tons of cum!

Island Studs says: Jeno the sexy Puerto Rican – Italian surfer with the smooth muscle body is back stroking his curved 9 inch uncut cock on his big motorcycle. Since his first shoot Jeno has been hitting the gym 3-4 days a week and is looking even more ripped & buff. Check out the tight muscles and ripped 8-pack abs on his smooth hairless latino boy body.

Get sexy Puerto Rican Jeno 9 inch uncut cock video at Island Studs!

Jeno loves to show off his beautiful tan body. He starts by giving us an erotic striptease outdoors on camera. I work hard, I like to take care of my physique, he says standing naked with his foreskin in one hand and his skim board in the other. What a mouth watering uncut giant dick. His smooth dark brown skin glows in the hot Hawaiian sun as he poses with his surf board, flexing his arms, pecs and rock hard abs. read more

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Island Studs says: When Cal’s surf shorts come off he exposes his thick white ass and those low hanging balls. Cal playfully jerks his thick meat and stroking his big balls.

See Cal fully exposed here!

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