Rumors abound at Sean Cody that Nicky has a huge dick Graham is about to find out

Sean Cody says: Hot newcomer Nicky is back to pound some ass, and Graham is offering his own tight hole for the taking. We asked Graham if Nicky was his type, “I don’t really have a type as of late, I’ve just been kinda going with it.”

But knowing what has been said about Nicky, he quickly became a person of interest, “Yes, oh yeah. Especially if the rumors about him are true” “What are the rumors?” Graham whispered enthusiastically, “He’s got a big dick big. That’s my type actually it just gotta be big.” read more

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Porter bottoms for Rowan taking his big erect cock hard and deep

Sean Cody says: Sexy muscle boy Rowan is quickly becoming one of the most fun models we have had in a while, so I knew pairing him with muscled hunk Porter would be a good time for all.

“You know I just really like coming here and fucking guys!” Rowan recently admitted that he might not be 100% straight. “You do?” I asked.

“How could you not? I fly out, have great sex, cum and laugh a ton!”

These two hit if off pretty quickly and goofed off in between takes and sometimes even during takes. read more

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Sexy newcomer Archie’s first time fucking a guy and Joey takes the full length of his cock

Sean Cody says: A little dip in the pool couldn’t cool these two studs down they wanted to get right to the action.

Being Archie’s first time with a guy, he was definitely looking forward to these new experiences he was about to have.

Meanwhile, Joey was all smiles, “We got a new guy!” And Archie predicted the outcome “I think both of us will be happy.” He was right.

See sexy newcomer Archie’s first time fucking a guy and Joey takes the full length of his cock here! read more

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Sean Cody says: Ripped young muscle hunk Clay strips off his board shorts and shows off his luscious muscular upper body. He drops his underwear jerking his big black dick hard till he shoots a huge load of muscle cum across his ripped abs.

See Clay fully exposed here!

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Sean Cody big muscle hunk Brennan flexes and jerks his huge dick

Sean Cody says: Brennan is actually friends with one of our most popular models and was sent to us by him. “He said it was a good time and that I would be a good fit, so I figured why the hell not?”

“Do you think that maybe you would do more than a solo?” I had to ask. “Let’s take it one day at time here.” He started to laugh. Brennan is a great guy with an even greater body.

He just recently got into body building shows and has loved all of the attention. “I get a lot of compliments on my abs. It really helps with the ego, you know.” read more

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Hot naked muscle boys Malcom and Manny barebacking anal fucking

Hairy chested muscle hunk Manny gets his raw ass fucked by Malcom’s big bare dick!…… read more

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New York Hockey player Vito is looking for someone to eat his asshole for now he jerks out a huge load of hot boy cum

Sean Cody says: The first thing you’ll notice about Vito’s New York Hockey player is his accent. Most people assume he’s from England and they’re shook when he tells them he’s actually from New York.

It’s kind of his go-to conversation starter.

Although he claims to be an anal virgin and says he’s “waiting for the right person to eat his hole”, he’s not opposed to spreading it wide open for a nude selfie if you ask.

That being said, he usually waits at least a week before sending a nude, he’s old school that way. read more

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Sean Cody Darryl and Joey big raw cock bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Darryl hasn’t had much experience with guys in the past, so what better way to introduce him to the wonderful world of gay sex than to just jump right into it with our favorite muscle bottom? Joey was happy to fill in the position.

Darryl talked a bit about his only experience with one of his soccer buddies, “We were both taking a shower and we jerked each other off. That’s the most I’ve done.

Now, I’m kinda curious about doing more.” And more he did. All over Joey’s body. read more

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Sexy muscle stud Rhett strips naked and jerks his big cock till his huge balls explode

Sean Cody says: Rhett may be one of the more interesting models we have had in a really long time. At first glance he appears pretty normal, that is until he gets horny and worked up.

Rhett spends some time dirty talking with himself and really going at it. Even when the camera wasn’t rolling, Rhett couldn’t keep his hands off his dick.

“I get really turned on man. I mean when I get hard, watch out cause all I want to do is fuck and stick my dick in a hole!”

Rhett really got comfortable and spent some time talking about how he really enjoys spanking and pushing his limits. Oh and don’t forget about his huge balls. read more

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Sean Cody five man orgy Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan

Sean Cody says: It had been a while since the SeanCody guys left the studio, so we decided it was time for a vacation. We found this amazing log cabin up north in the mountains and invited some of our favorite models up for a good time.

Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan all got along right off the bat and we knew we were going to have a ton of fun. With the amazing backdrop of Mount Shasta, the beautiful wilderness and our gorgeous models, this trip was for sure a once in a lifetime trip. These 5 guys made for a great orgy and some even better behind the scene moments. read more

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