Fratmen Lee small dick but is a grower not a shower

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Fratmen says: Fratmen Lee doesn’t appear to have a very big cock in fact one might say he has a small cock. Sure enough when it is soft it doesn’t look much. But luckily for this fratboy he is a grower not a shower.

Once he gets out of the hot tub in his wet shorts he already has a boner. His uncut cock starts to look more of a menace. At this moment you also get to see his magnificently toned washboard abs.

He tugs a few times and his small uncut dick stands to attention, big fat and erect. Super smooth chested Lee with the gorgeous spikey hair has the most beautiful dopey looking face. He works that foreskin back and forth over his huge purple bell end.

This serious fratboy doesn’t even manage a smile on his face. His thick cock could sure do someone some damage. Lee has a nice set of low hanging balls which bounce about as he gently wanks his thick piece of man meat.

As he jerks off he rubs his stomach and there is not an ounce of fat on this lovely muscle hunk. In the bedroom Lee humps the mattress showing off his perfect smooth ass cheeks, he has a nice round hairless butt.

Check out his tattoo on his left bicep something written there but hard to see from the video (see below). This is one serious muscle dude, although as he shoots his cum load across his gleaming abs the briefest of smiles breaks out across his handsome face. One seriously sexy dude.

I guess it has been a hard day at the frat house. Fratmen Lee is sure one hell of a sexy guy. Get this video at Fratmen!

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