Older guy Matt Sizemore gets his ass hole fucked by young tattoed hunk Andre Barclay

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Hot Barebacking says: Hairy man hunk Matt Sizemore gets his perfect ass dominated by tattoed young muscle man, Andrew Barclay in this hot ass fuck session. Kneeling down, Matt sucks on Andre’s cock, sucking it right back down his throat until he gets a mouth full of Andre’s cum filled balls.

Andre’s rock hard cock is looking for some anal action, so he pushes Matt forward and presses himself home with all his muscled force. Andre pumps away aggressively, his thick cock disappearing into Matt’s hole in a long hard grinding motion. ‘Oh yeah, fuck my ass’ pleads Matt. Then Andre throws him on his back and regains his foothold and ramps up the ass fucking to full volume.

Matt himself can’t remain quiet with his ass taking a hard pummelling he cries out time and time again. Cries of absolute carnal pleasure. Matt is sure a very vocal power bottom. Andre continues to ream his hole harder and harder until he is sure ready to blow his balls off. When he can take it no longer he pumps one last time and floods Matt’s hole with his creamy man juices.

He pulls out and cum drips down Matt’s ass to the floor. Matt then jerks himself to a huge cumshot firing his man seed across his chest. Cum going everywhere, boy he needed that pressure value releasing. Get this video at Hot Barebacking!


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