Cody Cummings fantasy encounter with hot young smooth stud Joey Hard!

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Cody Cummings fantasy encounter with hot young smooth stud Joey Hard

Cody Cummings says: It is one of those evenings with Joey Hard lazing about aimlessly on the bright red leather chaise longue, illuminated in the reddish glow of the evening light.

Cody Cummings sees the sexy young boy from afar, and quickly makes a bee line, sliding his hands across Joey’s smooth hairless chest, slipping them directly down between the gap in his jeans and his pure white skin.

Cody has fantasized about such a chance meeting with Joey for ages and now he intends to fulfill it, given half a chance. Moments later his fantasy becomes stark reality as Joey reciprocates as Cody embraces him from behind, planting moist kisses up and down the length of his sweet smelling boyish young body. Cody rubs his full muscled body against Joey’s soft young unblemished skin.

Joey suddenly realising who it is, immediately falls to his knees and swallows up Cody’s big cock through his lips and down his eager young throat. All the while Joey touches Cody’s smooth tattooed torso with both hands surveying the beautiful form of Cody’s quivering muscled thighs. He then falls back onto the sofa, lying on his back allowing Cody full access to all his tender areas.

Cody is amazed how good Joey feels in his hands and Joey not believing his luck easily succumbs to Cody’s manly charms. With the temperature heading into the stratosphere Joey’s firm young body melts into Cody’s embrace as Cody continues caressing Joey’s neck.

Then kissing him gently from head to foot before the spreading the young naked boy’s legs and blasting himself with a red hot load as Joey hovers over him, shooting his own load at the sight of it, all over Cody’s sweaty, glistening body.

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