Missionary boys Jace Madden falls under Chase Daniels spell and it all starts with dick sucking

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Missionary Boys says: The missionaries have long gossiped about tales of bolder members being tempted to sneak out of the order and into the temple which is against the rules. Elder Jace Madden has heard of the wild stories but he is not sure if they are really true.

That is until Elder Chase Daniels arrives in his life. Elder Daniels is not a boy for rules and regulations and he certainly will break the rules whenever possible.

Elder Madden is a good boy but he’s kind of turned on by his rebellious compatriot. He admires the boy’s streak of defiance and independence and thinks he’s quite a dish if the truth is known.

Elder Madden doesn’t have the strength to put it out there quite like Elder Daniels does but he likes to bask in his shadow. He’s becoming wildly fond of this new boy and that attraction is growing.

Elder Madden can’t hide his admiration for the young Elder Daniels and when he realizes and reciprocates Elder Madden can’t believe his excitement.

It is clear that Elder Daniels has Elder Madden under his spell. He is willing to follow the boy anywhere without question.

Even if that means sneaking into the temple for an unsanctioned meeting.

After creeping out of the main hall and into the Temple, the boys find themselves alone in a pristine white room.

They try not to disturb anything so they won’t leave any trace of their visit.

They shroud themselves in the curtains at the far end of the room, touching each other and laughing as excitement floods through them. Elder Madden can’t believe what he’s doing.

He is living out the legend that has been passed onto him as Elder Daniels sinks to his knees and unsheathes his eager cock.

Elder Daniels licks the tip and exposes his sweet asshole.

Elder Madden takes the invitation, penetrating his subversive companion with a passion he’s never felt before.

Elder Daniels has changed Elder Madden’s life forever, and he will always be grateful for it.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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